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2021 - Year of Milestones

Marija Stijaković, Marketing & Communications Manager

5 min readJan 12, 2022.

2021.was a year of change for the Mad Duck team. We changed the office from where we worked, formed new teams, tested a hybrid work model, hired many new colleagues, worked on some inspiring projects with clients in the education and environmental sector, visited Web summit in Lisbon, and organized our first internship programs.

Picture of a hallway with stairs.

Not everything went smoothly at first, but we were persistent and up to the task at hand. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to our rose garden and a backyard pool, but with two new in-house teams, working on Flutter and Python projects, we knew it was time for a change. So we moved from our snug little office tucked in the suburbs to a two-floor office near the city center. And made no compromise. There is more than enough space to park your cars and bicycles, you can read books in our warm and cozy chill zone and the darts machine will be waiting for you in the dining room (maybe not the most common place where you’d find it, but some of our coworkers like to play a game or two during the lunch break.) Last, but not least, big shopping malls such as Lidl are near so you’ll always have fresh food and bagels within hand’s reach, and a chance to do the occasional grocery shopping right after work and save some time for family and friends.

Two people sitting in a chill zone, looking at a book.

We also organized an internship program and hired 5 out of 6 interns who attended, so that was a pretty good start. Shortly after, the second round of the internship was held and this time, we hired them all. Talent spotted, talent attained. Some of them joined the newly formed teams, while others started working with clients on our long-term projects in the fintech and gambling industry.

Not everything was peachy, of course. Some dear friends left, great projects ended, but new friendships were made, and thanks to our clients from Dubai and Switzerland, we got the opportunity to shape the world we live in. Working on apps for the education and environmental sector is something that can really make a difference for generations to come.

And since most of the year went by rather quickly and was quite busy for all, we decided to make a blast with what’s left of it and December was truly a festive and memorable month. Several Happy Hours on Friday lasted till early Saturday mornings, and decorating the office for Christmas turned into a hell of a party. The team’s New Year dinner in a restaurant by the Danube ended with an early morning darts game at the office, and the kids had their share of fun as well - Santa came and gave them a bunch of presents. And that is just the beginning since Santa Claus will have even more work this year - some of our colleagues recently expanded their families (eight newborn babies so far, eight more ducklings to spread joy around the office next year). Sure, we like to party, but family values and a good work-life balance that ensure enough time spent with the young ones are pretty high on our priority list.

Girls decorating the room, two kids and their mom with Santa, next to a Christmas tree and five girls in a restaurant.

Many things changed during the last year, and not only regarding our business endeavors. Yes, the number of clients grew, the number of projects as well, our revenue of course, but those aren’t the only things we’re proud of. We are proud of making the kindergartens in our neighborhood greener, the internship program we’ve started, the new teams that we’ve formed, the increase in the number of ducks and ducklings on our team. And while all these things may seem pretty standard, the Mad Duck team is anything but that.

We are a bunch of code enthusiasts like no other. The company started with only a couple of employees and grew with time, so most of us go way back. And we will always find a way to tickle your funny bone. So, we are pretty much jokers with history. Thus, it’s impossible not to crack up laughing at least once a day.

In a nutshell, when you’re in, it will be very difficult to decide to leave, people and atmosphere here are like nowhere else. Hence, whether you are a mom of three, or a college freshman, you’ll fit in well as long as you have a good sense of humor, a sweet tooth, and like to grab a quick beer or two after work.

Four girls playing a board game.

Last year was meaningful in so many ways, but this year is the one that will bear the fruit of all the hard work we’ve done so far. And along with the rewards, other exciting things and changes will follow. We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon, so we’ll unveil more when the time comes. Have a good and prosperous 2022, I know the Duck team will!