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Meet the Quack Attack Crew - Business Run 2022.

Marija Stijaković, Marketing & Communications Manager

5 min readApr 15, 2022.

Spring has finally come and we decided to celebrate its arrival by joining one of the biggest sporting events in the IT sector, the Serbia Business Run. This time of the year is almost perfect for running, so we thought why not? It didn't even rain that day although the forecast said it would, so we even had picture-perfect weather. Beer in a bar is usually our go-to answer when it comes to spending some time with the crew outside work, but we decided to mix it up a bit this time and hang out outdoors.

Runners and their support before the race.

All the preparations were done quickly since we decided to join the race rather late (early applications started last year - yes, it’s a fairly popular event). The team name was chosen in a brainstorming session that ended with a vote (democracy always wins around here), T-shirts were made, and some of us even engaged in pre-race preps.

Picture of a step-tracking app, 27, 951 steps made on Tuesday.

But enough about the things that happened before the race, let’s meet the team and hear what they have to say about the event!

Meet the Quack Attack Crew

Duck Attack Crew with names next to the team members.


Bojana's two greatest passions are design and dancing. She enjoys reading and spending time in nature with family and friends. Bojana always has a big smile on her face and some comforting words for a coworker in need.

She really loved the race and maybe found a new hobby to add to the list: 'This was my first race and I enjoyed it immensely. Think I even managed to catch a running bug. Really looking forward to next year. In the meantime, I will definitely be running.'


This fine young man is a huuuge Marvel fan who likes hanging out with his friends whenever he can. His favorite team is Crvena Zvezda and he never misses out on their games. In his free time, he loves playing basketball, reading books, and going to the movies. And his speed on the court matches the one in the race, so it’s no wonder he was the fist of our ducks to cross the finish line. 25:10. Not bad.

His takeaway from the race is:'We have to do this again next year!'

Medal from the race, runner's number in the background.


This little busy bee likes to learn new things more than anything else. She started out as a Flutter Dev and now she's a Full-stack Dev! She's a fan of professional and personal growth and only the sky is her limit.

Angelina was the last runner to join the team and she never regretted it: 'I am very happy that I had the opportunity to participate in the Serbian Business Run and be a part of the Quack Attack team. This competition helped me push past my limits and I finished with my personal best. I can't wait for the next one!'


When he's not binging Marvel movies or TV series, you can find Nikola in the game center bowling or shooting some pool. The gym and the basketball court are also a good choice if you need help brushing up on your Flutter code. Nikola is one nifty developer, fast runner, and a real team player, on the project and on the court.

And what he thinks of the race? 'It was a fun and a bit exhausting experience. But being a part of such a great team is what matters the most.'


Olivera is our Talent Specialist who, outside of work, specializes in finding any excuse to spend time outdoors. She enjoys cycling, going on picnics, traveling, and as of late - running! This race couldn't have come at a better time.

Our whimsical recruiter salutes the event organizers and asks with zest: 'Serbia Business Run - thanks for the opportunity to run my first race! I exceeded my own expectations, running 5 km in under 30 mins! Soo, are we doing a half marathon next year?'

Team picture, runners in a park.

As you can see, we had a blast. And we definitely plan to participate next year as well! Just this time we’ll have to apply earlier, since just a day after we registered our runners, the race was sold out! Almost a close call. But, come to think of it, let it be sold out next year as well. It’s a great, green, self-sustaining event, we’ll all just have to apply in time. And if needed, they can organize two races. We’ll probably join both, but if it’s not against the rules, why not. Let’s start next spring with a team win as well.