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Meet Us at Konteh!

Marija Stijaković, Marketing & Communications Manager

4 min readMar 08, 2022.

For the second year in a row, Mad Duck Code will be among the many companies which will present their company culture, atmosphere, and working opportunities at the Konteh fair. Same as last year, for two consecutive days, you will be able to meet and chat with the Mad Duck Crew.

Our lovely recruiter Olivera will be there to answer all your questions about the recruitment process (but if you want to come prepared, you can read more about our 3 step selection process here). And our dear HR Anja (beware, this one’s a joker. ;) will tell you more about our company culture and all the perks of being a part of the duck team.

Girl at a computer checking out Konteh website page.

In addition to meeting the people from our HR team, you’ll also get an opportunity to talk to some of our interns from the Internship and Internship 2.0 program, now full-time employees, who will share their project experience and things they have learned so far.

If you read our blog from time to time, you could already get to know some of them through the text they wrote. Before switching to full-stack, Angelina was learning Flutter and wrote about her experience in our blog. She also wrote some useful Flutter tips for all the rookie devs out there. Boris was also one of the interns who shared his point of view with our readers, this time from the backend perspective.

Bogdan’s and Nemanja’s internship experience is yet to be written, and who knows, maybe yours will be proudly standing next to theirs after a new round of internships, that is being planned at the moment. And in case your internship days are long gone, and you have a few projects behind you, you can check our open position here.

Picture of our full-stack and backend developers, Angelina and Boris

Last year, the concept was a bit different - the first round of internships was on its way, but hasn’t started yet, so the visitors of the fair talked to our HR and one of our senior tech leads.

All those who joined our online sessions could chat with them about technology, Scrum, and pick up some useful advice great for those just starting their career journey in the IT industry. However, this year, you’ll talk to those who walked a mile in your shoes not so long ago. Being fresh out of college and new to the job market can be tough, but a good peer-to-peer advice can be a game-changer.

Pictures of our Interns from internship and internship 2.0 program.

You’ll be talking directly to our coworkers that went from interns to independent developers. They’ll tell you all about the mentorship program, give insight into a typical dev’s workday and help you imagine what working for the mad team would look like.

Questions are not only welcomed but encouraged, so if you happen to think of something as you’re reading this, be sure to slide into our DMs over on Instagram or LinkedIn. Our HR team is going to be online throughout, with coworkers from all departments stopping by, so feel free to jump in and ask questions in real-time.

We’ve got some goodies in store for you as well, but you’ll have to successfully complete a Mad Quiz (not to be mistaken for a math quiz x) to find out more about them! And a few lucky winners will get a chance to put one foot in the door - quite literally! We’ll choose a few of you to drop by Mad Duck HQ for our Happy Hour Friday to get a feel of the office and mingle with our team.

Poster with the text: Meet us at Konteh.

We will be waiting for you on Konteh online stage on the 17h of March, at 12:30. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet your professional future!