Fashion magazines are a thing of the past. Fashion brands now prefer having interactive content on the Web. Websites that promote and sell beauty products can increase audience engagement and get better results. And they are available to anyone with an internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone. All the style and the beauty you need, in one place, and a click away.

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The Website and the Webshop

The hardground project consists of a website and a webshop and is dedicated to selling hair products and providing information to all those who want to know more about hair care. In the fashion industry, the accent is on the visual, so we made sure that in addition to clear imagery and descriptions, an efficient shopping cart, and easy navigation, the design is up to par as well. The website is mobile friendly and SEO optimized, so it can provide an exquisite user experience to all those looking either for a product or information.

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The Development

We built Hairground using Laravel 5.7, the latest version of the PHP web framework available at the time. The admin panel and some frontend parts of the website and webshop were built-in JavaScript framework, Vue.js 2.5. We used MySql to design the database and opted for the Nginx web server.

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